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Coffee Inspired By Art

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A safe space for artists of all backgrounds to share their work. Artist or art lover, you will enjoy perusing a diverse collection of works submitted by our members.

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Featured Artist of the Month

Learn more about Melanie Anderson, a respected artist from Tennessee with a bright, joyful collection of work

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Did You Know?

Roast To Order

Did you know? The best time to enjoy coffee is between 3 and 21 days after roasting. Caffé Vive roasts your coffee the day it is shipped. This process allows sufficient time for the coffee to rest, ensuring that you enjoy your coffee at its peak freshness.

Organic & Ethically Sourced

Did you know? Organic coffees are richer in healthful antioxidants. This is because organic farms do not use harmful chemicals in their processes. Caffé Vive coffee is organically produced, even our decaf is processed using natural methods without any chemicals. Our coffee is also ethically sourced, ensuring farmers and workers receive fair wages.

What's in Your Flavored Coffee?

Did you know? Artificially flavored coffees contain synthetic chemicals. Caffé Vive coffees are flavored with natural, vegan, gluten-free flavoring oils. Our fresh roasted beans are flavored by hand while still warm.

I like Half City. Reminds me of a way better version of Starbucks breakfast blend but a little lighter and more "coffee" flavor if that makes sense...love it!


Chad C.

It is so sweet seeing the kids artwork every month. I am very happy to support a good cause and get really tasty coffee! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kim R.

Never had a decaf like this, I cant do caffeine and I'm very happy I found an organic option that tastes soooo good!


- Susan V.

Our Mission

Unity and Education. Fusing the worlds of great coffee and artistic expression under one roof. A symphony of flavor and visual pleasure blended to perfection.