Medium Roast
Rich Smooth - Salted Caramel - Citrus

City Roast

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Like the mild, unassuming Alpacas that roam the hillsides of South America, this medium roast is interesting but not intimidating. 

From high in the Andes mountains in Piura, Peru we have carefully selected this beautiful blend of Arabica varietals to be the perfectly balanced cup. Tasting notes are salted caramel, mildly sweet, and a hint of citrus. The coffee cherries have been processed using the ¨washed¨ method. As opposed to the ¨naturaI¨ process used for our Light Roast, these beans have been stripped of the cherry before drying. This results in a mild, clean tasting coffee perfect for any time of day. It is organic, fair trade and roasted to a perfect medium on the day your order is shipped. 

Our Medium Roast is also available Decaffeinated! Using the swiss water process, no chemicals are used and your coffee remains organic. 

We recommend purchasing all of our roasts as whole bean, however we would be glad to grind them for you in either a standard drip grind - perfect for a pourover - or our espresso grind.

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