Our Mission

About Us

Our founders, Jeremy King and Jacob Parvu are volunteers currently working with Spanish, Quechua and Deaf communities in Ecuador. We have a shared passion for art, coffee and travel. By combining these three interests we have built a community of like-minded individuals that can enjoy great coffee, take a guided world tour of coffee producing countries and appreciate the works of international artists, young and old. We are grateful to all of our customers for helping grow appreciation for the arts and artists. 

About Our Coffee

We have teamed up with an FDA-approved roasting facility in the United States. This collaboration has enabled us to take our curated collection of coffee beans from around the world and our unique roasting profiles and deliver them to your door with an unmatched level of freshness and fast, free shipping!


Craft coffee, custom blended, roasted and ground the day it is shipped. We deliver the experience of a local coffee house to the comfort and safety of your home. If you have never tried a fresh roasted coffee you will be pleasantly surprised.