The Fresh Roasted Difference

Fresh Roasted Coffee


Have you ever given much thought about the coffee you drink at home and where it comes from?

Have you always just grabbed a bag of coffee from the supermarket shelf or local chain store because it's convenient? Well I did too. It was convenient and cheap. However over time, and after gaining a greater appreciation for the finer points of coffee drinking, I learned that I was missing out...




Coffee flavor is massively determined by how fresh it is. Flavor is at its best around three days after being roasted. 

During the roast, gases form inside of the coffee beans. It's really important that the coffee sits for a few days (on average) to degas so the Carbon Monoxide leaves the beans. If you don't allow this to happen then your coffee will taste sour. However, once this degassing process has taken place, fresh is always best when it comes to coffee. 

As soon as the coffee is exposed to oxygen, it can start to stale. You know that gorgeous aroma you can smell when you walk into a coffee shop? Well that smell is actually the coffee starting to stale. The coffee is being ground (in those noisy coffee grinders) and is exposed to air so its starting to oxidize. That's ok though because in most good coffee shops, coffee wont be sitting there for long before its used.

Once I found out about this, it got me thinking about coffee for the home. How fresh is our coffee that we buy and use at home?

The good news is that most coffee bags are fitted with a one-way valve. This enables Co2 to escape, without letting oxygen in, which would speed up the staling process. However, this wont stop the coffee from staling over a longer period of time. In my opinion, coffee is best consumed within 4 weeks of being roasted. 

Beans will stay fresher for longer if they are packed in their whole bean form. Once ground, there is much more exposure to oxygen and so ground coffee will start to stale a lot more quickly. For this reason, if you have the time, we suggest you try purchasing a quality grinder for your home. You will love having control over the grind and can experiment with standard drip and espresso.  




 The selection of chain store and supermarket coffees is overwhelming. Most big name coffees have bright, beautiful, familiar labels. Some chain store brands seem far too hip and conscious too possibly be stale, right?

Here are a few reasons to avoid buying prepackaged coffee:


Sure it has a best before date but coffee has a really long shelf life ...years in fact! This doesn't mean it's fresh and certainly wont taste as good as a coffee that was roasted a few days earlier.


As coffee is becoming more and more popular, we are seeing an increase in variety on the shelves of the supermarket which is great. However, the main focus for most brands on the supermarket shelf, is to sell a LOT of coffee, roasting mediocre coffee blends that are determined more on price, which tends to compromise on flavor and quality. They roast in bulk and pack in large volumes.

Some of the supermarket brands use the cheaper 'robusta' bean to save costs. Robusta beans have a stronger, 'earthy bitter' flavor which tend to go unnoticed when mixed with milk. Now, Robusta can be added to a blend to give a bit more kick - having nearly twice the caffeine as Arabica - which is what we have done with our Breakfast Blend+. But for the best cup 100% Arabica is the go-to for a smooth rich flavor. 



Leave some beans or ground coffee in a bag in the cupboard for 8 weeks. Order the same bag of fresh roasted beans or ground coffee. Make a brew with both bags and do a blindfold test (you might need your friend or partner to help you with this). I promise you will taste the difference, even with our premium coffees.


 There is no doubt about it, supermarket coffee is cheap. It has to be so that it can sell in the masses and make a profit. However, I would much rather spend a little bit more and buy from an independent company that puts love and care into every single cup.

Would you buy the cheapest  bottle of wine at the supermarket? Or would you rather go for something mid-way that is going to taste much better? Well now think that way about coffee.

If you love coffee then why not get a really fantastic, fresh roasted coffee sent right to your door? Our bags are still affordable, with big savings for subscriptions and free shipping. And given these crazy times we are living in, delivering our delicious coffee to your door is even more convenient than a trip to the local coffee shop or supermarket. 

This is just one of the reasons why I built Caffé Vive. We offer an excellent range of freshly roasted coffee, which can be delivered to your door as often as you wish!

Our coffee blends are roasted the day they are shipped, ensuring the coffee is always fresh and delivery is free.

We invite you to try us out and taste the difference for yourself!